Following on from a training day in Birmingham yesterday, I promised the delegates I’d try and produce a summary post on some of the various ways to download videos from You Tube to use offline.

I have written about this before, and a list of all the posts on this blog that mention video can be found here.

The method I tend to use the most is this script which basically gives you a piece of code which you drag to your toolbar in Firefox as a button. When you click the button it puts a “download as mp4” link on the YouTube page. Follow the instructions on the page. You will need to use the Firefox browser, which you can easily download for free here.

A different method is to use the ConvertTube website. You simply paste the URL (the web address) of the YouTube video you want to download, and it does the rest.

Similar sites are You Tube catcher, You Convert It and also

There’s also a site called Kiss You Tube. If you find a YouTube video you want to download, simply edit the blah address and stick a “kiss” before the youtube bit. ie blah. The instructions are on the Kiss You Tube site. Just add a kiss 😉

Sites such as You Tube use flash video (flv) format. This can be played directly on the page in Smart Notebook, as far as I know not yet in Promethean. You can download third party players that will play these files. If you have the choice of video format it is probably worth using a different format such as mp4 which can probably be played on something you already have on your computer without having to download anything else. You can then hyperlink to these files from your whiteboard software – they will then open up and play.

If you want to know how to insert a flv file into Smart Notebook, Jim Hollis has produced a great little guide here.

I’ve made a list of sites tagged with YouTube on Delicious. Some of the sites are downloaders, others are useful sites that may be of interest.

On the subject of sites for video resources – don’t forget to check out both Teachers TV and the BBC Learning Zone. Both of which have some very good teacher resources