I’m indebted to Tom Barrett for making me aware of a fantastic little application called Tooble. Tooble may very wel be the ultimate YouTube video downloader.


Tooble runs on your computer and lets you search YouTube for keywords (or you can give it the direct URL to the video you want). All you need to do is check the box next to the videos you want to download, and Tooble gets to work downloading them onto your computer.


I gave it a test run with one of my favourite clips from Brainiac; the Walking on Custard clip. Tooble quickly downloaded it as an MPEG file with little fuss. By default it puts it into your Music folder and even imports it into your iTunes library but you can change these settings if you wish. You can change the file quality to best suit playing on an iPod too!

This could be the ultimate tool for any teacher who cannot get YouTube in their school because of filtering, or who wants to snag a clip to make sure they don’t lose it if it’s removed or net access is not working when they give their lesson.

Go download Tooble now!