As a science teacher, I am always on the look out for great interactive resources that work well on an IWB. Today I got a newsletter from Sunflower Learning, a firm that I’ve known about for ages, but don’t believe I’ve mentioned on this blog yet.

I didn’t realise that Sunflower have been making one of their interactive tools available for free each month. You can only use it online, and only for the duration of the month, but it does give you a taste of what the full set of resources are like.

This month, the free resource is a demonstration of Enzyme reactions. You can view the reactants and the products and change the temperature and pH and see what happens. It’s quite neat. Enzymes is available until 6th February, so you’re in luck if you’re teaching this topic before then. Click here to view it.

Sunflower Learning will be at the ASE conference this week, and also at BETT next week if you want to go and see more. Alternatively take a look at their website.