Just a very quick post to point you all towards this excellent Smart Notebook file to teach dictionary skills. It demonstrates an excellent use of linking to sounds produced by Lynne Horn.

If you click the correct answer K9 will say affirmative. If you click the wrong answer a Dalek will exterminate you.

Even if your subject is not languages, it’s worth taking a look just to see how you could adapt this idea for your own subject. Would make a nice quiz for a plenary or starter.

You can record your own sounds or download them from one of the myriad of sound effects sites out there.

Remember – in Smart Notebook if you want to link an object to a sound, all you need to do is right-click on the object, select Sound and then browse to the sound file you want to play.

In ActivStudio it’s a little more involved but still straightforward. Right click on the object and choose Properties. Select Actions and from the drop down box choose Play Sound. Click the Set button and choose your sound. Then click OK.