Here’s another website that can be used to make photo slideshows. It’s called PhotoPeach and it seems pretty easy to use, and like my favourite websites it’s free!

You can upload photos yourself, or take them from a set added to Flickr or Facebook. It doesn’t look as flash as Animoto, and there is less choice of music. But it does seem quicker to use and compared to the free version of Animoto you can use more than 15 photos. You can add text captions to each image if you want. Slideshows can then be embedded into your blog or Facebook profile. Here’s a nice guide to making a slideshow on PhotoPeach from Allanah King.

As an example, here’s a slideshow I made this morning of some photographs of my home town, that I took on a few walks along the seafront last Summer.

Here’s the slideshow as a regular slideshow

And here’s the slideshow as a “Spiral” which is an interesting way of browsing a stack of photographs and would work well on an IWB in full screen mode.

There are many different ways you could use this. One would be photo montages of images to introduce a topic. Students could take photos around their school or on school trips/field trips. Language teachers could add captions to images to teach vocabulary. Maybe present a series of images from a digital microscope and ask the students to guess what each thing is.You could even use it as another way to do digital storytelling

If you already have a Flickr account it’s really quick to produce a PhotoPeach slideshow. Head over there now and try it out.