Here’s two more websites that will be of interest to Science teachers.

KScience has nearly 80 different Flash animations that can be used to support different aspects of your science teaching. Most are quite simple animations that range from simple demonstrations of a Synapse to quick labelling tasks.

There are also a few general resources such as timers and interactive graph paper. You can play these activities online – but you can also save the pages to your computer and embed the swf files into your Smart or Promethean flipchart pages.

The site also provides a Teachers Animation Toolkit which will allow you to download some source files. If you know how to use Flash you can then use these to build your own animations and games.

There are a few other resources on the site, such as a virtual rocky shore to explore and Excel and Word files to use to accompany your Science lessons. Visit the KScience site now, and take a look.


Edheads provides a rather strange collection of interactive activities with a Science angle. The most useful two look at compound and simple machines.

The site also provides the opportunity to indulge in some virtual knee surgery and to do a virtual hip replacement. It’s rather odd, but you might find a use for this one!

US teachers may also find the weather activity useful. This is less good for teachers over here in the UK as it uses Farenheit rather than Celsius for temperature (and just involves US states)


The machine games are nice – but I would have liked to have seen a fullscreen option – they are rather small onĀ  my screen. It’s also hard to see what it going on in some of the questions which ask you to make a prediction – you don’t get a chance to watch the next stage before you are asked a question about it. But they are still worth a look.