I’m loving Google Street View. I’ve been playing with it with for other countries for a while now, but they’ve only just released images from the UK.

I must admit, I’d only ever played with it in Google Earth, I hadn’t used the Google Maps version of it.

When you are using google maps you should see an icon of a little orange man just above the zoom in and out controls. If you drag that man onto the map you should see blue lines appear to show where Street View is available.

Sadly, my town of Southend on Sea is not (yet) on Street View but the major cities in the UK are up

Here’s the hotel I was at yesterday in Edinburgh:

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Here’s the pub I used to drink at as a student in Birmingham:

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And here’s the home of football 😉

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Street View on an IWB is a great tool. If you are doing a project on the Romans you can zoom over to Rome and walk the streets around the Colosseum or the Forum. If you are going somewhere on a school trip you can explore the area beforehand.

If you’ve not tried it before, have a go. It’s great!