iVisualiser is a brand-new app that lets turns your iPad into a wireless visualiser.

iVisualiser uses the iPads camera to grab images which you can then annotate and display on a large screen such as a whiteboard. If you have Apple TV or software such as AirServer then you can do this wirelessly. If not, then this will still work via a VGA cable.

Use it to give the children a close up view of objects such as flowers or seeds without crowding around a table. Show examples of children’s work or documents such as exam papers.

The App has two modes : Visualiser and Annotator



In Visualiser mode you are able to use a live video feed of your document or image. The tools let you annotate anywhere on the screen with a variety of colours and line thicknesses. You can record a video of the screen as you annotate and can even record a live commentary at the same time – this will automatically save to the camera roll for playback or review later.

There is also a LASER POINTER tool to highlight anything without drawing! The FREEZE tool to pause the screen at any point. This is useful if you are trying to hold the iPad yourself, rather than use a stand! You can also zoom in or out plus take screenshots of your annotations which then automatically save to the camera roll.


In annotator mode you can annotate on any an image. This can come from your camera roll or taken in-app using your device’s camera. Take a screenshot of your annotations, clear them OR pass them to someone else to add their ideas. Original photos taken within the app are automatically saved to your camera roll for use again later.



It’s a really useful little app which would definitely have a place in my toolkit of useful classroom apps. It would best be used with some kind of stand for holding the iPad still – but you could use the freeze option to cut down on the wobbling around while you are annotating. With wireless options like Apple TV this app would allow the teacher to move around the classroom and display any piece of work on the whiteboard for the rest of the class to see. For more ideas on how to use a visualiser in the classroom, take a look at this post.

The iVisualiser app costs £1.99 and you can get it in the app store here.

Let me know what you think of the iVisualiser app in the comments below.