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I’m grateful to Tre Greer on Twitter for bringing to my attention this interesting resource for teaching about flu epidemics from the Centre of the Cell in London. With Swine Flu / Hamthrax / Parmageddon in the news right now, it’s quite timely.

Although based on Bird Flu it is very relevant to the current stories in the news about Swine Flu which is causing concern. While the stories are a little worrying, the media are possibly blowing things up a little too much. But it does mean we have a chance to bring some topical news into the Science classroom and discuss viruses, bacteria, the difference between antibiotics and antiviral agents etc.


Students are asked to make decisions at key points, that can change the outcome of the spread of the disease.

Other resources are starting to be be produced – such as this Google Map to show where the current reported outbreaks are.

For some more resources to teach about Swine Flu, check out this post on Free Technology for Teachers, and also this list on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog.

Update – also check out Brain Pop for their Swine Flue Video

Update 2 – The always excellent “The Big Picture” has a series of images on the Swine Flu outbreak that would be good to spark discussion in Science or PSE lessons.

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Author: Danny Nicholson

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