I’ve blogged before about the Smart Table – this is a multitouch table produced by Smart that moves away from the interactive whiteboard at the front of the class.

If you are interested in learning more about them, Tom Barrett has been given one by Steljes to trial with his class. He has been blogging about his initial observations, and will beĀ  blogging more as his class puts the table through its paces.

You can see two introductory videos, including a tour of the Smart Table here.

Tom has also set up a Twitter account for his class where they will be sharing their thoughts about the Smart Table here: http://twitter.com/priestsic5

It will be good to see the table getting actual classroom use. At present they look rather neat, and I would love to have a play with one myself, but I want to see actual learning taking place on them. I’m loking forward to following the news of Tom’s trials and seeing how his class use it.