YouTube has now launched a new section of its famous video sharing website that organizes the video channels of more than 100 colleges and universities. It’s called YouTube Edu.

The idea is to flag up the educational videos to make them easier to find. It’s a little similar (and I would guess shares very similar content) to Apple’s iTunesU section of the iTunes Store.

YouTube Edu lets viewers sort clips by school or number of views, and the schools offer content ranging from complete courses to campus events to information for prospective students. There’s also a search facility to find clips on the subject you want. The bulk of the content so far seems to be from US colleges and Universities, but I would expect UK (and other) colleges to get involved in the future – I know Oxford and Cambridge are on iTunes U already, as is the Open University.

The content may be too high level for KS3/KS4 but you might find it useful for A Level students.

One of the most popular videos so far is The Science of Watchmen:

An alternative site, Academic Earth also launched last week, offering lectures from Harvard, Yale, MIT and other schools. And don’t forget Teacher Tube as another educational video siteĀ  which is probably more useful for KS3/KS4.