I’ve been doing  a little digging into resources to teach staff how to use aVirtual learning Environment (VLE)  for a college I work with, and I found this little gem from JISC. As I sit here in the snow with schools closed all over the UK the VLE has again become a very useful tool for schools to have.

This resource seeks to provide an online resource for all those involved in the deployment of a VLE It specifically seeks to provide a resource that can assist tutors to use VLEs effectively but to encourage a ‘spirit of discovery’ based on current research. It aims to enable tutors to make informed decisions, based on sound educational principles, about the use of technology in their teaching and their students’ learning when using a VLE.

It is a very large resource so they have designed a number of pathways through the material depending upon your level of experience and role in using a VLE. You can follow different pathways for beginners, intermediate users, advanced users and site managers.

The resource is platform-independent. So it’s not going to give you click-by-click guides to Moodle, Netmedia, Fronter, Blackboard etc, but it’s more about the pedagogy and ideas behind the reasons for using a VLE with students, and to give some excellent ideas on how it can be used.


Sorry We're Closed

Photo Credit – Sorry We’re Closed by Tommy Ironic