Here’s a couple of quick links to put a little awe and wonder onto your Interactive Whiteboard (or just your computer screen in general)

As a space geek I am always a sucker for the images that the Hubble Space Telescope takes of deep space. They are absolutely awesome.

And with the current Space Shuttle mission to upgrade Hubble taking place, this is a great time to bring a little newsworth science into the classroom.

One of my favourite image sites, The Big Picture has a collection of amazing images of the Space Shuttle launch and astronauts working on the Hubble telescope. These would be great as part of a lesson introduction to have on the IWB.

Would make good discussion starters – why are the astronauts floating like that? What materials do you think their space suits are made of and why? What do you think it would be like to look down on the Earth like that? What energy changes take place when the shuttle launches etc.

The image gallery is here. And look around the site for some more excellent images on a wide range of subjects. All can provide a little awe and wonder when viewed large on an interactive whiteboard.

If you want some images taken by the Hubble telescope itself, then you can download a wide variety of them from this site. Again, some awesome images that really show how huge the universe actually is.

And finally, if you ever want to see what an astronaut thinks about space, then follow Astro_Mike on Twitter. He’s up there right now and he’s twittering about life up in space. Twitter is excellent – but to have people twittering from space is another level of awesomeness.