Had a request at the weekend from a ex-student of mine for some help on how she could get the audio from a YouTube video and put it onto CD. I thought it might be useful to share the procedure I tried. It seemed to be pretty straightforward (ish)

Here is the original file on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=EWrmTQPuCdI

The first thing I did was to alter the URL of the YouTube Page.

I removed the www. from the URL and entered kick in front of the youtube.com to give this address:


This site allows you to download YouTube files in different formats. For this one I am going to just choose MP3.

doodle.png  on Aviary

Click on the MP3 button, and then click on the green Go button.

The Go button will change to a blue Down button.

Right click on the Down button and select Save Target As (or Save Link As)

You can then save this MP3 file to wherever you want to on your computer.

You should be able to then put this file into iTunes and burn to CD if you want.

As an additional step – I had a problem playing the MP3 file on my computer. So what I did was to convert the MP3 file using Switch Sound Converter – a free piece of software that I thoroughly recommend.

I just used it to convert the mp3 file into an mp3 file – which sounds silly, but the file it produced worked on my PC OK 🙂 not sure why….

Hope this helps!