If you haven’t seen it already, Pinterest is a social network that allows users to curate their own idea banks by “pinning” websites found on the internet to virtual boards. Each pin uses a main image to act as a visual reminder of the resource, and contains a link back to the original site. Pinterest acts as a bookmarking site – allowing you to build up banks of useful resources and, this is the best bit, share them with others.

You can have as many boards as you like, each on a different theme. So you could set up a board for Science, one for Literacy, one for Maths etc. Boards can also be private, if you want to pin things that you don’t want to share with others.


Like Twitter, Pinterest works best when you start following people. The pins that these people post will then appear in your timeline. You can then browse these pins, and anything that catches your eye can then be “re-pinned” to one of your own boards.

You can choose which boards you want to follow – you might choose to follow someones teaching resources board, but not their Hair and Beauty board for example. This way you can keep your timeline relevant to your own interests.

Pinterest also has a useful search feature. You can search by broad topics, such as “education” or “science“, but you can also carry out keyword searches to find more specific ideas and resources.


Science Lesson Ideas and Resources

Classroom Display Ideas

Teaching Coding

Teaching Spanish

Teachers could set up boards on different subject areas, and share these with colleagues. Like Twitter, Pinterest lets you build up a network of other like-minded educators, and can enable you to quickly access a wide range of ideas for your own lessons.

Repinning resources you find useful is easy – just click on them and choose “Pin it”. You can also install a plug in for your web browser that gives you a Pin It button to use when you are browsing the internet. When you find something useful just click it and choose which board to pin it to.

If you are interested, you can find all my boards on Pinterest at pinterest.com/dannynic

So what do you Pinterest for? If you use it already, share your favourite boards and pinners in the comments below.

Here’s a quick How to Guide to help you get started.