Had an excellent days training yesterday at the ICT Training Centre for Wokingham LA. The aim of the day was to look at “emerging technology in the classroom” and although the main thrust was going to be blogs, podcasts and wikis, we actually covered a wide range of sites and resources.

Two of the sites that proved a real hit were wallwisher and etherpad. Both could be used as back-channels to any lesson or staff development session and could be linked/embedded into the school’s Uniservity VLE.

We set up an etherpad to collate notes on the day to share with all the staff attending. You can view it here.

A lot of the course materials are held in the public area of the Wokingham LA website. You can access them here. Also check the Guides area of this blog.

All weblinks are up on my delicious at : www.delicious.com/dannynic/web2.0

The feedback I received from the day was very positive, and I hope we can do another day in the future.