Creaza is a free online suite of applications that lets you create online cartoons, edit movies, edit audio and create mindmaps.It’s not fre for the full version, but you can try it out and do quite a bit with the free demo version.

You use the toolbox along with various themes such as historical periods, fairy-tales, fantasy worlds. This would make a great digital storytelling resource for literacy, but also for history or geography.

Creaza integrates professional and user-generated content, creative tools and a social network in a new and innovative way. It’s been nominated for a BETT award this year too, so it’s obviously highly thought of.

Like other “cloud” applications all you need to use it is Internet access, a web browser, and the Flash plug-in.  Creaza is available for PC, MAC, and Linux.

It’s free to register and use the demo version, so it’s definitely well worth checking out. If you want to be able to export your creations to your computer then you need to pay to upgrade to the full version.