I’m always a fan of collaborative tools that let you work on the same document across the internet. I’m also a fan of online drawing tools. So I really like collaborative drawing tools 🙂

Flockdraw is another collaborative drawing tool that’s well worth taking a look at.

It’s free to use, and you get a unique URL which you can use to share your drawing with others, and have them contribute. Combine this with an interactive whiteboard, which makes it much easier to draw than a mouse, and you have quite a fun tool. 10 users can all be drawing at the same time. Others can view the drawing, but not take part.

You also get an embed code which you can use to embed your drawing into a web page. I tried it on the blog here, but it doesn’t scale – so is far too wide…. wiping out all the sidebars. Would be fine on a VLE / Learning Platform page though.

Here’s the pad I set up. I was not able to use it on a board, so it’s just a mouse scribble.

If you like art stuff online – also check out Livebrush, Scribbler, Dabbleboard, SumoPaint, Bomomo and Imagination Cubed.