When I was a teenager one of the big quizzes on the television was something called Blockbusters. People of a certain generation still find the phrase “Can I have a P please Bob?” amusing 🙂

The basic concept is that two teams play against each other, trying to build a chain of colours across the board. Red team from top to bottom, and blue team from left to right. The team with control of the board picks a letter and gets a question where the answer begins with that letter. Get it right, and the hexagon changes to their colour. Get it wrong and the other team gets to steal it, and then gets control next turn.


Well you can now recreate the fun of Blockbusters with this great website – Quizbusters. There are a range of question sets to choose from for all subjects and for all key stages KS1 – KS5. You can even create your own personalised game by copying and pasting your own questions into the quiz editor. Once made, your quiz will be available to others to use as well.

Historically, team 1 was a solo player and team 2 was two players, hence the board is slightly shorter top to bottom. You might choose to just use two equal teams, or skew it a little.

This should make a great lesson starter or plenary activity – or a handy tool for revision when the exams approach. Click here to play now.