With languages set to become a statutory requirement from 2011, Orangery Education Ltd has produced a bank of resources for the whole of  the Primary QCA MFL schemes of work. Key features include all vocabulary recorded by native speakers, video clips of French children speaking and singing songs, and all the authentic photographs you need, in an engaging, user-friendly interactive whiteboard package.

Orangery Education realised that the QCA schemes of work often lack the resources which are  referred to in the ‘possible teaching activities’ section. The first unit alone refers to a number of interactive whiteboard activities and multimedia resources including a recording of the song Sur le pont d’Avignon and video clips of children introducing themselves – and states that such resources may be available on the Internet. They weren’t.. so Orangery went out to produce their own resources instead.

Each unit is supplied in either Smart Notebook 10 or Promethean ActivInspire/ActivPrimary format, and features the full set of lesson activities, along with the word bank and suggested teacher target language phrases built in to the interactive pages. I’ve had a sneak peak at some of the units, and they are excellent quality, and should be an essential purchase for any primary language teacher.

You can find out more about their resources by watching this YouTube video, which demonstrates one of their units.

Free animations for Les Quatre Amis (KS2 Unit 5) and Jacques et le haricot magique (KS2 Unit 6) are now on the Orangery Education YouTube channel.

The first pack of Units 1-6 is now available for just £40. Other packs will be available later this year. More details of the units here.