Further to the article earlier today about Promethean’s licence changes, I’ve managed to locate the new Smart Notebook licence as of 21 June 2010. You can download the pdf file here.

Basically, like Promethean, Smart are tightening up on what you are allowed to do with Smart Notebook software. The ability to install it on staff machines for preparation purposes is still there. But what they are being more explicit about is what you cannot use Smart Notebook on. To quote from the letter sent out by Smart in June.

A SMART Notebook licence is included with a SMART licencensed product (IWB, voting set, slate etc) and you are permitted to use the software on any computer connected to these Licensed Products. SMART Notebook software may also be used on a reasonable number of computers associated with your authority or school that are not connected to pen or touch-enabled devices. This permits teachers to use the software at home to create lessons for use on their Licensed Products in the classroom.

The licence agreement does not, however, normally permit the use of SMART Notebook software when a computer is connected to a restricted pen- or touch-enabled device (“Restricted Product”). Restricted Products include, but are not limited to, any touch-enabled or pen-enabled devices that are not on the Licensed Products list above, including the following:
· Interactive whiteboards
· Interactive projector systems
· Display screens
· Screen digitising devices or slates

The only exception to this is if you use a non-SMART slate/graphics tablet. You are allowed to use this if another Smart product is attached. But if you are using a wireless slate with a projector, you’re not allowed to use Smart Notebook.

What Smart do make clear is that if you do with to access Smart Notebook files, then you can use their  SMART Notebook Express web application, which can be found at http://express.smarttech.com/

So if you are using Smart Notebook on a non-Smart product, you are in breach of the licence. This hasn’t changed, it’s been like that for quite a while, but now they’re being more explicit about it. At present I don’t know of any way of buying additional licences for Smart Notebook to use on other boards or devices (IWB-free projectors) but maybe that will be something that will develop soon.

Don’t forget – if you have Smartboards in your school, the licence does allow for staff to have it installed elsewhere for preparation of lesson resources (on a “reasonable number of machines”, whatever that means…). Make sure you do this – it is a much better way of making resources to use in the lesson. You’d be amazed how many schools I go into where the staff have not been told this.