Daydream Education have been making wall charts for 14 years, having shipped over 1 million wallcharts covering over 600 titles. In recent years they have begun the process of converting these wall charts into interactive versions that can be displayed on Interactive Whiteboards.

These interactive wallcharts currently cover 10 subjects, Business Studies, D&T, English, Geography, ICT, Maths, Music, P.E, R.E and Science. There are versions of their Interactive Packs for both Primary and Secondary (and Sixth Form), with CD or VLE versions available.

For example, here are the links to their Primary Starter Pack and Secondary Starter Pack. You can also purchase individual subject packs or even just the individual wallcharts that you like. You can buy them on CD, or as a version that runs on your VLE.

Each pack contains Interactive Wallcharts, with simple animations and text. They also include related worksheets to print off, quiz questions plus additional interactive content to aid revision.

Many of the wallcharts are bigger than your actual screen. You start with a zoomed out view, and then can zoom in on each different section of the chart to show them clearly. You are able to hide the text or hide images to vary the amount of information that the students are initially given. You can then selectively reveal it again. Could make a simple recall task to check knowledge.

The sheets are not entirely “interactive” in that they do not include simulations and the animations are simple. But the quiz questions are very nice for checking knowledge again as a starter or plenary. The worksheets that accompany each chart are also a useful resource.

You can download some trial versions of their wallcharts via this page. All you need to do is register with your details. You can also ask for a free trial CD to be sent to you.

It’s definitely worth checking out their resources. Download the trial and see what you think.