Discover the benefits of using a visualiser with primary pupils, along with useful tips and resources in this handy video from Teachers TV.

This video shows how you can use a visualiser to take photographs, how to create videos for pupils to reference, and how to use a visualiser to encourage pupil self assessment.

Year 3 teacher and ICT Coordinator Dave Orritt travels to another primary school to get see how they use visualisers to aid teaching and learning. He observes a Year 4 teacher using a visualiser in maths and art lessons, including showing a video to the pupils, and using it to help pupils assess their own work.

After getting advice on using the technology from fellow teachers, Dave heads back to his own school to see how he can use one effectively in his own lessons.

Thanks to ICT in Havering for the heads up.

Update May 2016. Teachers TV link replaced with Teachfind Video link.