If you’re looking for some ideas to incorporate podcasting into your science/technology lessons, then take a look at these resources provided by NASA.

NASA’s Do-It-Yourself Podcast activity sets the stage for students to create their own video/audio show that features astronauts doing experiments on the International Space Station or NASA experts explaining scientific concepts.

NASA provides a set of audio and video clips along with links to images and information about a STEM-related topic. Students can choose as many items as they want to include in a project and download them to their computer. Students can use the information provided or conduct their own research to write a script for an audio or video production.

Using a camcorder, digital audio recorder, microphone or webcam, students can record additional narration and create other scenes or interviews. Students can then mix and mash their recordings with the NASA clips and edit the production.

To edit audio check out Audacity, or investigate Aviary to do it online. All PC’s will have Windows Movie Maker installed, which is basic but does the job of editing video. If you want a commercial product for podcasting try Podium.

Upload the finished file to your school website, blog or VLE and share their good work!