The CensusAtSchool Project is an online survey that the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education (RSSCSE) established in 2000 linked to the UK population census of 2001.  Since then, new questionnaires have been launched each year and it now comprises over a million lines of data responses from learners in the UK and overseas.

The best bit is that samples from these databases can be downloaded and you can use them in your classroom along with resource packs and worksheets.

The site will be of interest to teachers of many different subjects, Maths obviously, but also science, geography, history, citizenship, ICT and others.

The Random Data Selector lets you draw random samples of the raw data collected from CensusAtSchool, in the UK and some of the other nations taking part. You may choose to select from all data or you can choose responses from a particular region, age or gender depending on which database you choose.

Another very useful part of the site is their built-in Data Handling Tool which lets you choose which sets of data you want to look at and then takes you through the steps of producing different kinds of graph and chart to display the results. For example this example looking at link between height and foot length:

It definitely takes out some of the problems in extracting and processing large amounts of data in Excel, if you only want to focus on the analysis skills and looking at graphs and charts. If you want to use the raw data then the Random Data Selector will be the thing to go back to.

There are lots of different teaching resources that are available for download. Most of these come with worksheets which contain sample sets of data and link to different parts of the curriculum such as maths, history, science, geography etc.

There is also an international version of Census at School, with links to the different versions in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and Japan.