So here goes. Welcome to the first Ed Tech Blog carnival I’ve ever run or organised!

The idea is that anyone with an interest in technology and education could write a blog post as part of the carnival and then let me have the URL. Those posts are all linked within this article. There are posts of all different types here, all addressing different areas of Educational Technology. Hopefully you will discover some new blogs that you haven’t seen before and add them to your reader list.

So, without further ado – here’s the Ed Tech Blog Carnival:

I’ll kick proceedings off with a special blog post from a few days ago about using the 5 basic tools in all Interactive Whiteboard software to produce some very interactive resources. The motto – Keep it Simple!

Want a Visualiser, but can’t stretch the budget? Glen Gilchrist has written an excellent guide to building your own visualiser for about £40. Complete with step by step images. With a webcam and a few accessories you can make something quite cool!

Rober Drummond has written a post describing a way of children creating their own maths problems for their peers to solve using websites such as WallWisher.

Terry Freedman gives his reflections on BETT 2011 and the fringe events.

No Technology in Brighton

Doug Dickinson writes a little about Ictopus which, if you haven’t seen it, is an excellent resource for Primary teachers.

Paula White at Cooperative Catalyst has written a post about hiring ICT staff called What Do Vanguards Have To Do With Hiring? How do we look for school leaders who will move us forward into the future in realistic and successful ways?

Kevin Mulryne has written a series of How To guides for different ICT activities including the rather excellent idea of How to Make the Longest Sentence in the World. It’s a great idea!

Lisa Butler has written a very interesting blog post reflecting on how students really feel about frequent use of technology in the classroom. Their responses and her reflection make for some interesting reading.

All the way from Brazil, Bruno Andrade has written about his experiences of using Xtranormal with 7 year old kids, with some excellent results!

Pam Shoemaker has written about the use of Wolfram Alpha in her classroom and having an expert assistant at her fignertips.

Eve Dickson is a student teacher who has posted a few thoughts about what makes a 21st Century Education.

Zoe Elder over at Full-on Learning has written about nurturing our real and digital selves, and digital identity v. digital footprint with an interesting presentation from Alec Courous.

Anne Morris gives a really cool idea for making spreadsheets a little more fun!

IanH over at Teaching Science has written a really great blog post which discusses why teachers should consider using blogs such as Bad Science and others with their students.

And finally, Dan Roberts – the amazing Chickenman, has written about a fantastic web 2.0 tool called Fuzzwich. It’s a really simple way to make animated videos. Well worth a look.

So that’s the first carnival done. Hopefully you’ve found something new you didn’t know before. And maybe been inspired to take part next time.

If all the writers above could put a link back to this post within their blogpost it would be appreciated. This would help their readers discover the other blogs that have contributed to the carnival.

Like this idea? If someone else would like to take up the mantle of organising the next one we could make this a regular event. How about bi-monthly with the next one at the start of April? Who’s up for it?

Image credit : Sammy0716