Following on from the Google Art Project, here’s another cool Google utility I hadn’t seen before. It’s called Julia Map and it’s a way of exploring Fractals in HTML5 on your computer.

Julia sets are fractals that were studied by the French mathematician Gaston Julia in the early 1920s. Fifty years later, Benoît Mandelbrot studied the set z2 − c and popularized it by generating the first computer visualisation. Generating these images requires heavy computation resources.Modern browsers have optimized JavaScript execution up to the point where it is now possible to render in a browser fractals like Julia sets almost instantly.

Julia Map uses the Google Maps API to zoom and pan into the fractals. The images are computed with HTML 5 canvas. Each image generally requires millions of floating point operations.

Julia Fractal Map

You can choose to view different data sets, and play with the colour palettes. Zoom in on new areas

You can also see what fractals others have created and posted on Twitter under hashtag #juliamap.

Check out the site for yourself at :