Back in the mists of time (1997/98) I had a personal website at There were several incarnations of the site over that time, and I started to add various teaching resources that I had made as I tinkered (badly) with things like Flash and suchlike.

Eventually I moved on to set up the Think Bank website, and then a few years back this blog. The old site gathered dust and began to look more and more out of date. So a few weeks back I trashed the entire site, and replaced it with a new one that just pointed to all the online things that I do such as the blog, facebook, flickr and suchlike.

I was contacted today by someone who was still using some of the Flash resources on the old site, and was wondering where they had gone. Namely this animation about Enzymes.

So I have copied them across to the Think Bank website.

The best Flash resources have been linked to this page it includes resources for Secondary Science as well as some fun games for Primary children.

For science there are the following resources:

For Primary this includes

The archive of the Flash resources from the old Dannynicholson site can be found here. Some are quite old and a little creaky now, but some people may still find them useful.