I’m delivering an IWB in Science day in London tomorrow and I have been looking around for any new science websites that I might have missed. So I was really pleased to have stumbled upon Physics Games.net this morning.

Physics Games.net provides nearly 50 different flash-based games, all collected onto the one site. A few of these games, like Magic Pen and Fantastic Contraption, I have seen before on other sites, but it’s nice to have one place to bookmark to get them all in the same place. There are quite a few games here I hadn’t seen before. Physics teachers should definitely add this site to their favourites.


Most of the games are puzzle-type games that draw on aspect of physics – many would be useful to illustrate forces or gravity.

The site also provides embed codes for the different games so you can embed them into your own school website or VLE. There are some fun games there, and even if you don’t end up using them in a lesson, there are some fiendishly addictive puzzle games there. Check it out today.