I’m a little late to blog about the terrible events in Japan over the past 10 days, but the story is still continuing and my thoughts go out to all those affected by the earthquake and Tsunami.

If you use Google Earth then the US Geological Survey have produced an interesting plug in which shows real-time and historical information on earthquakes around the world – including all the aftershocks in Japan. It also shows plate boundaries and their direction and speed of movement. You can download the KML file here.

Thanks to Bill Belsey for showing this to me at the T2T conference.

The US Geological survey have also produced a PowerPoint slide which explains what happened in the Japan Earthquake which would be useful for teachers. Download it here. Also check out their list of Tsunami resources.

For images of the aftermath of the Earthquake/Tsunami then the excellent Big Picture site has some powerful images that could be used in class discussions or assemblies.

You can also see some interactive Before/After shots of various places in Japan via this special ABC News site.

And of course, if you can please donate to one of the charities helping the relief effort such as the Red Cross.