I wrote last month about the Science videos on the National Geographic website, well now  National Geographic Education has totally revamped and greatly expanded its free and enormous educational offerings online, with a new (currently beta) site : www.NatGeoEd.org.

The site is loaded with topical materials for K-12 educators, but it also has lots of content for families and students.  An enhanced search tool allows users to find content tailored to their needs. The site offers National Geographic’s iconic maps, photos, videos, and thoroughly researched material on almost any subject possible in the realm of geography, science and social studies

You can customise the view of the site to suit the needs of teachers, parents or students, changing the focus of different elements of the page, which is a nice idea.

A new interactive map will introduce students to mapping and GIS concepts through thematic data layers and will enable users to create their own maps. Users can now customize the highly popular printable black-and-white outline maps with drawing and labeling tools. There are also Downloadable and Printable Worksheets. Use the graphic organizers in their collection to help students with problem-solving, decision-making, studying, planning research, brainstorming, and writing.

The National Geographic Education site is currently running as a beta site, feedback is actively encouraged to help them refine the site before its final version is launched. Not everything is up and running right now, and only some of the content is available. But definitely worth keeping an eye on the site, and offering feedback where you can.