JellyCam is a simple, free piece of software to allow you to make stop motion videos using a webcam. You can download JellyCam for free here.

As a complete beginner, I found it very easy to use. There’s very little in the way of whistles and bells. You hit the space bar to take another frame, and the software allows onionskinning so you can get an idea of how the new frame relates to the last frame.

JellyCam Stop Motion Software

You could use this with a webcam, a visualiser, or upload still photographs taken with a regular digital camera.

JellyCam produces a Flash Video file (flv) from your movie and even links straight to YouTube so that you can upload your finished video. I couldn’t see how to add an audio track – so you might have to do this in an additional piece of software.

Here’s something I put together in about 5 minutes after installing JellyCam. Very straightforward to use!

You’ll need Adobe Air to be able to install it. Which you can download from here. If you’re looking for some no-frills stop motion software then you should definitely take a look at JellyCam:

Thanks to Angie at Edit Training for tipping me off to this software.