This video tutorial explains how to make an anagram game as a lesson starter in Smart Notebook. I’ll work on a Promethean version shortly. And for those of you across the pond who have no idea about the British television institution of Countdown, here’s a short clip to induct you

The countdown theme tune for those who want it can be downloaded here. And an example notebook file can be downloaded here.

Other videos can be found in the Guides section of this site.

And yes, before you say anything – I do need to tidy up all the rubbish on my Desktop…. I find it a good place to store shortcuts.

I’ve finally got round to buying a copy of Camtasia to try and produce more video tutorials. I’ve been using Smart Recorder or Jing in the past, which have been great but I wanted to try something with a few more features.

Enjoy the video – I’ll produce more soon!