Sun Moon Scope is an interactive tool looking at the Sun and Moon from the makers of Solar System Scope.

It allows you to show the positions of the Sun and the Moon relative to an observer on the Earth, plus show what the phase of the Moon will be. You can play the animation to show what the moon will look like on any date. It’s possible to switch off the moon and/or the Sun, plus jump straight to certain dates such as the Summer Solstice or Vernal Equinox.

One feature that’s missing is a full-screen button, which I find very useful in their Solar System Scope – particularly as the makers have crammed the screen full of adverts which are distracting in a classroom. Full screen would also make it easier to see and use on an interactive whiteboard.

Would also be nice to have a mode where the compass disk is replaced by a globe. Just as an option.

This tool would be useful for anyone who wants to teach about phases of the moon. As an alternative you might also want to take a look at the Childrens University of Manchester who do a nice animation of this.

Visit Sun Moon Scope at :

And if you haven’t already seen Solar System Scope you can find it at :

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