I’ve had a few messages recently that this blog was being flagged up by Google Chrome/Firefox browsers as being suspected of distributing malware. I’m aware of these issues and have been taking steps to address them.

It appears that the WordPress theme that I’ve been using had been making use of a plugin called TimThumb, and that it was this plugin that had been flagged as a security risk. I have since installed a new version of the theme that does not use TimThumb.

Today I have also been following the advice in this thread and removing a couple of other files and updating them to new versions. I’ve scanned the site via this website, and so far it’s showing that there are no risks.

This blog itself has never had any malware on it… just that it was using plugins that increased the risk of there being malware. I hope that I have managed to remove those plugins for now, and that the site will no longer be flagged as a risk.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch over this – and apologies to any readers who were faced with the warning message.