Wikipedia has now introduced a fab little website called QRpedia. This is a QR code creation tool that lets you generate a QR code from a Wikipedia URL. When users snap this QR code they are automatically directed to a linked mobile Wikipedia entry in whatever written language their phone uses. If there’s no article in their language for the designated topic, the program directs them to the most relevant related article that is available in that language.

In schools you could generate a bunch of these QR codes for lots of different things and stick them all over the school. Have QR codes next to posters or prints of famous pictures which tells you all about that subject/artist etc. Many museums are starting to use these codes next to exhibits.

It links to the full version of Wikipedia, sadly not the Simple English version so it might not be so useful for all students – you might want to use other QR Code Generators for that such as the Kaywa QR Code generator or the Classtools.Net QR Treasure Hunt Generator.

Now all we need is for Wikipedia to include this image at the bottom of every page as default.

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