The Science Museum has launched a suite of online games designed to raise questions about the future of medicine, robotics and technology. Their ‘Futurecade‘ features four titles exploring topics such as geo-engineering and synthetic biology.

Futurecade‘s four games – Bacto-Lab, Robo-Lobster, Cloud Control and Space Junker – are based on scientific research happening today. Use themĀ as a stimulus to engage your students in a fun, interactive way, and get them thinking about how technology might impact on their future.

robo lobsterFor example, in Batco-Lab, players must engineer their own E.coli bacteria to make useful products, while making sure that no harmful mutant bacteria are accidentally unleashed on the world. Cloud Control, allows students to guide Flettner ships which brighten clouds so they reflect sunlight and lower the Earth’s temperature.

Futurecade can support the teaching of How Science Works and help your students consider the applications and implications of science.

Teaching resources are also available, and can be found here, including science background notes and teacher briefing notes.

Take a look at to play the games. And if you haven’t seen the other great resources on the Science Museum site, visit their teacher resource area and take a look!