Virtual Nerd is a selection of dynamic videos and award-winning content that helps boost students’ mathematics skills. The resource aims to help pupils to master algebra and geometry by bringing content to life through images and sound, while making it relevant to 21st Century learning.

To celebrate World Maths Day (7 March), the Virtual Nerd interactive whiteboard mathematics lessons are now available free to teachers via Promethean Planet! Teachers can now access the resource free of charge on Planet, including its proprietary interactive online platform (Dynamic Whiteboard) and an extensive library of pre-recorded video tutorials.

There are over 800 resources available. Each video is in essence a recorded lecture – but as well as the video of the teacher, there are also two other parts of the screen, one showing the equation and the other showing a stepthrough of the calculation. Mouse over these areas to access additional information.

It’s an interesting free resource and will be of interest to secondary school maths teachers. You need to be a Promethean Planet member to access them, but it is free to do so. This will make it tricky to give students access – perhaps set up a class Planet account? Alternatively it will give you a taste of Virtual Nerd and help you decide if it’s worth getting a school subscription.