If you’ve not met it before, ProWise Presenter is browser-based interactive whiteboard software which can be used on any brand of whiteboard with no need to install any software.

This Summer, I’ve been involved in writing some Prowise files to help teach primary school science. There are 10 files in all from a range of different topic areas. Each file is about 10 or so pages with a mix of information and interactive activities to test knowledge.

Prowise Presenter

Before you can view the files, you’ll need to sign up for a free Prowise account. This will give you access to the whole suite of presenter tools, but will limit how many files you can save. It’s worth signing up just to take a look!

Click on the links below to see the files:

Although Prowise connect was written for use with Prowise-branded screens, the great thing about it is that it that can be used on any brand of interactive whiteboard with no need to install any additional software. It’ll even import files from Smart Notebook or PowerPoint (and more).

Prowise Presenter works in the same way as most of the software you would expect for an interactive whiteboard. Additional “Pro Connect” features mean that any presentation can be shared with students devices, allowing them to annote and send it back to the teacher. It also allows the running of quizzes and polls. Prowise Presenter is also now available as Android and iOS apps.

Hope you like the files!