Cloud Cuckoo World is an new interactive website designed to support the delivery of languages at Key Stage 2 both at school and at home.

Developed by sister teachers, Sara and Louise Mason, their dual language stories cover the QCDA suggested topics for primary school children and aim to provide an accessible introduction to languages for children from 4 years upwards. The site has French language resources at launch, with more languages promised including Spanish, German and Welsh.


Cloud CuckooThe website incorporates simple storytelling in an online interactive environment to help to foster an early enthusiasm for foreign language with each story focused around one particular character. The stories are all illustrated with eyecatching artwork by artist Sophie Green who has produced artworks for sites such as StoryNory.

The website is HTML-based rather than Flash, so will work just as well on iPads and other tablet devices. The site is simple to navigate and the pages aren’t too “busy”

Each story contains audio of the main text read out in english, with the foreign language words being read out in a different voice. Once played these words can be read out again by clicking on the loudspeaker icon next to each word, or the whole paragraph can be read out again.

Each story comes with a glossary page containing the entire word list, and also suggested activities to do in the classroom.

As well as the stories, there are also Cloud Cuckoo Places which outline lists of vocabulary specific to a certain area – such as around the house, at school, at the zoo or at the cafe. You can click on the hotspots on the image, or view a glossary of words.

cloud cuckoo

I really liked it! It’s a great-looking site that will provide a very handy additional resource for teachers.

The site requires a subscription to access all the resources, but it’s not very expensive. A multi-user account costs £50 for the year and a single user costs £10 a year. Some resources are free – so you can take a look and see what you think of the site.

Take a look at Let me know what you think in the comments!