Here’s a follow up piece to my blog post from last January about 10 Avatar Generators for Profile Pictures, which proved to be very popular. There’s obviously a lot of interest in these kind of websites!

Here are 5 more sites which let you create cartoon versions of yourself which your students (or you!)  can use as an avatar in place of their own photograph.

1. Clay Yourself

Clay Yourself lets you create a version of yourself in modelling clay. Lots of choice. (Thanks Lara for the link!)

2. ArtisanCam

A quick way of producing a sketch version of yourself. Limited choice of options.

3. Become an M and M

This lets you recreate yourself as an M and M sweet from the adverts. Probably going against the school’s healthy eating agenda… (Technically it’s “Become an M”)

4. Lloyds TSB Me

This lets you recreate yourself in the style of the characters from the Lloyds TSB banking adverts.

5. Grabba Beast

Grabba Beast lets you build your own monster from a large library of body parts, some scary, some cute. Plenty of weird and strange designs. This would also be great for creating characters for digital storytelling.

If you haven’t already checked out the other 10 great sites, then go and take a look at the blog post from last year. If you want more of these sites, the full list can be found on my Delicious list here: