The Ri Channel is an online project by the Royal Institution showcasing the very best science videos from the Ri and around the web. The project continues the Royal Institution’s charitable mission to “connect people to the world of science”.

Alongside highlights from recent Ri events, the Channel features re-digitised footage from the Ri archive and a range of high-quality videos from filmmakers and scientific institutions across the UK and beyond.

RI ChannelYou can also find an archive of past RI Christmas Lectures, with lectures by such greats as Sir David Attenborough and Carl Sagan. Excellent stuff.

Some of the videos can be embedded into a blog or VLE using a Vimeo embed code. Many also come with a subtitles and a full-text transcript too, which is very useful.

It’s an excellent resource and Science teachers should be able to find some great videos to use to supplement their lessons. Most videos will be suitable for KS3/4. The site is in beta, so expect some changes along the way, as well as more content being added. Well worth bookmarking.

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