Games add a new way to captivate students and help them learn in a manner that’s meaningful for them. The already excellent BrainPOP UK have taken this on board, and added gaming to their repertoire through GameUp UK – their new gaming area.

GameUp UK matches high quality BrainPOP content with great learning games – their resources underpin the learning and the associated games actively engage students and extend the learning. From what I can see you don’t need to be a BrainPOP subscriber to access the games (although I do suggest you look into getting an account with them, as their resources are pretty good).

Some are quite simple, like this fun Food Chain Game, where others require a lot more thinking and problem solving like Lure of the Labyrinth.


You can find out more about GameUp UK, and get some very good advice on incorporating gaming in education, on the BrainPOP UK Blog.

Take a look at GameUp UK and see what you think!

North American teachers can also check out GameUp on the main BrainPOP site :