Doodlecast is an IOS app which provides an an easy way to make presentations on your iPad. The app lets you make short videos with a mix of drawing and voiceover. You can add images from your camera roll and choose from different page backgrounds. Maths teachers will be pleased to see the different graph paper backgrounds – there’s even musical notation paper for the music dept. The videos it creates can be uploaded direct to YouTube or sent to your DropBox account.

I found the app very simple to get to grips with. The only thing I found was I had to remember to stop talking while I changed pages as it sometimes cut me off 🙂

Students could use this to create short presentations to show what they have learned in a lesson, or to create revision videos for each other. It could also be another way of creating simple podcasts by both teachers and students.


There are two versions of Doodlecast, a version aimed at kids, and a Pro version which is aimed at more grown up market looking to create video presentations on their iPads. The apps are not free, the kids version is £1.99 and the pro version is £2.49. Both are well worth exploring.

Here’s a very quick demo of the pro version, uploaded direct to YouTube from within the app.

A big thanks to Chrissie Saunders for making me aware of Doodlecast on her blog.

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