Wordwall is an interactive activity maker which allows teachers to make resources to use with a whole class. You can use them on an interactive whiteboard, or just with a projector.

Word Wall allows you to make dynamic interactive activities like you would in other IWB software. It would be ideal for users of other IWB’s /Interactive Projectors where the software that comes bundled with the boards is not as user-friendly as the software that Smart or Promethean users gets. It’s also useful for Smart/Promethean users as an additional resource.

When you save a flipchart that you have made you get the option to share it. This means that, if you have an internet connection, a copy of your file gets added to a central online library of flipcharts. These files are then accessible to any other Word Wall user. This is a very neat idea that  means that there’s now quite a large bank of user-created content already there that teachers can share and download.

You can use the activities on their own as a teacher-led resource, or with Wordpad handsets to allow student input.

Normally, WordWall charges around £879 for a site licence of the software, but they are currently running a special offer where they are giving away free site licences to schools who register before Christmas 2012. So get in quick if you want to try it out.

The invitation code you need to use is NOVDEC12. It’s a site licence with no time limit, it just needs to be installed before the end of the year.

You can download it from getwordwall.com.

Update : It’s looking like this is a UK-only offer. I’m trying to get confirmation from Word Wall.

Update 2 : It’s now possible to get in the USA. See details from Josh in the comments. Other countries not yet due to licensing arrangements.