There was an excellent IWB TeachMeet last night at Roehampton Universty. I gave a short talk on lesson starter ideas for your IWB.

You can see an (old) version of the presentation here.

The Magic Paper idea was one that always goes down well. I’ve finally put together a quick video to show how to make it:

If you want a copy of the notebook file I used, you can get it from the links below.

Smart Notebook 11 Version : Download here

Promethean ActivInspireVersion : Download here

If you use the files, I’d love to hear how they went. If you do adapt them for your own subject, please let me know what you did – I’d be interested in having a copy. It’s always good to get ideas from other subjects.

All my resources are covered by a Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

And a subtle plug – if you ever want training sessions on how to make these kind of resources – please get in touch. I’m happy to travel around the UK and can go further afield if dates allow. Contact me for more information.