The Extreme Collaboration beta add-on for SMART Notebook 11 brings student collaboration from mobile devices to the SMART Board so students can text ideas to a single SMART Notebook page using an iPad, iPod or Laptop. In fact you can use any device with a web enabled browser.

Smart Notebook Add Ons tab

I wrote about it a few months back, with instructions on how to get the Extreme Collaboration plugin. Go here and take a look first.

The extreme collaboration plug in has obvious uses for class brainstorming – collecting ideas from the class, random polling of opinions, language work, question/answer etc. It’s perfect for a “Bring your own device” classroom, or one where there are class sets of iPod touches or iPads. The plugin goes onto the teacher machine, the children just need to open a web browser to contribute to the lesson.

Here’s a short video I’ve put together that shows how the collaboration features work in practice:

I should note that I’ve been given access to the additional features, which lets me upload images amongst other things. I think the version you’ll download at present doesn’t have that feature.

For some ideas on how this is being used in a class, take a look at this blogpost from Mr Orr’s class webpage from the Halton District School Board, Ontario. He’s got some great ideas there. I like the idea of the students drawing diagrams, then photographing them and sending the images up onto the board at the front of the class.

If you’ve used it, and have some other ideas on how it can be used, let me know in the comments!