While PowerPoint is still the go-to software for many people when creating presentations, it does have its limitations, especially when it comes to editing a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad or collaborating with others. While some of these issues are addressed with Office 365, you do have to pay for the privilege.

There are lots of online alternatives which let you create great looking presentations on any device. Storing them in the cloud means you can work on them wherever you are as well as easily share with others and embed into other websites.

They may not have the flashy animations of PowerPoint, but that’s not a bad thing!

Here are 5 of my favourites.

1. Slid.es
Slides allows allow anyone with a web browser create and share beautiful presentations. It uses HTML 5 and so should work on all devices. You can arrange main slides horizontally, with additional slides running vertically. It’s free to use, with additional paid-for features if you like it.

A big thanks to Mark Allen (@edintheclouds) for making me aware of Slid.es


2. Emaze
Emaze is a another simple to use presentation creation tool. Again it uses HTML5 and so should work well on any browser – including tablets and chromebooks. It’s free, and well worth a look.

3. Prezi
Prezi lets you create very engaging presentations that pan and zoom from page to page. You can create non-linear presentations quite easily. Prezi lets you embed images and video too. You can view the presentations that you have created online, and also download them in a Flash player format to play offline. There’s also a Prezi app for iPad. It looks great, but I do know some teachers who feel seasick when they see a Prezi presentation!

4. Google Presentations
If you use Google Docs (Google Apps/Drive) then you should already be aware that it has a pretty useful presentation tool. You can create a presentation from scratch or upload and convert an existing PowerPoint. The strength of the Google presentation tool is that many users can collaborate on a single presentation, such as these crowd-sourced examples from Ideas to Inspire.

5. Empressr

Empressr is a free online storytelling tool that allows you to create, manage and share rich media presentations online. Upload your video, images and audio to get started creating cool slideshows. If you have your own website, blog, or social networking page, you can either post a link or embed your Empressr. Empressr also has charting and table tools.


There are many other tools out there, let me know your favourites in the comments below!