Happy Numbers is a new interactive maths resource aimed at young children from reception to Year 2 designed to work on interactive whiteboards as well as tablets and chromebooks.

Happy Numbers aims to create connections between targeted skills and develop the foundational learning necessary to understand them. Each skill can be approached it from multiple angles, with various different activities, with the aim of building deeper understanding and procedural fluency.  Teachers have many options for implementation and differentiation and can customise and manage the activities that their children see via a class management area of the site.


There are many different types of mathematical activity provided including addition and subtraction,via numberlines, base 10 blocks and column methods for example. Students are supported with visuals, animations, and targeted feedback if they make a mistake. As a result, students master the basics of addition and subtraction, building a strong foundation for learning more complex skills.

The library of exercises is a starts with the basics such as “numbers to 10” and then builds on those skills progressively up to 2-digit numbers providing a conceptual understanding of numbers and operations to the students. More topics are in development, such as multiplication facts and plus and minus to 100,  and these will be added as time goes on.


The activities can be used by a teacher on an interactive whiteboard with a whole class, or students can be given individual logins to access on devices such as tablets or laptops. The site works great on iPads and since you access via a browser it will work fine on any brand of IWB.

Teachers can set up a class via a management screen once they have logged in. Class lists can be imported from an Excel or CSV file to make this process easier. Happy Numbers allows teachers to differentiate instruction by assigning students different exercises based on ability groupings.


Happy Numbers really does look like an excellent resource for teaching basic numeracy skills, and Early Years and Key Stage 1/Lower Key Stage 2 teachers should definitely take a look, especially if you’re looking for resources that will work on a class set of tablets.

To set up a (free) account, visit www.happynumbers.com. There’s also an excellent Happy Numbers blog which goes into more detail about ways of using the site with your children.