ParticiPoll is a free audience polling plugin for PowerPoint that allows polls to be run quickly and with no need for additional clickers to be used. Students can vote via any internet-enabled device.

Signing up with ParticiPoll is free for basic features. Once logged in, download the free plugin for PowerPoint. The makers claim that the plugin doesn’t need admin rights, and so should be easy for teachers to install themselves. Set up was quick and painless on my own laptop when I tested this out.

Once the free plugin has been installed, you will see this new toolbar within PowerPoint.


This toolbar lets you start and stop polling sessions. The Insert Poll button will insert a polling widget onto the current slide. You can also insert a QR code that will direct users to the correct poll page.

The poll is quite simple – the questions and responses themselves are still typed onto the PowerPoint slide. There’s no setting up of lots of questions, and correct answers etc. This would work best for quick polls where you want to ask for student opinions, or to get a feel for overall class confidence on a topic area. This is not a proper assessment tool where you can see who answered what.


When the presentation is live, the audience members can take part in the poll by pointing any internet-enabled device to your own custom participoll webpage, which will look like (yourname)

Users will then see coloured boxes which will allow them to submit their response.


The basic ParticiPoll is free to use, this gives you access to unlimited live polls and votes. A pro version for £2.99 a month (or £29.99 a year) allows you to view any audience comments and to access past poll data.

I found the ParticiPoll plugin very quick and easy to use. This system would be very useful for BYOD classrooms where children have a mix of devices.

Take a look for yourself at

Update : The folks at ParticiPoll are offering a free month of Pro access to readers of the Whiteboard Blog. Just sign up for Monthly Pro using the code whiteboardblog to get a free month.